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Pochuck Valley Farms Market & Deli

Pochuck Valley Pork

Pork / Chicken / Turkey 

Contact Matt @ 973-534-8871 

Pork Prices

Bacon     $10.00 lb

Spare Ribs     $  7.00 lb

Bone - Pork Chops     $  9.50 lb

Boneless Pork Chops     $11.00 lb

Tenderloin     $14.00 lb

Smoked Shoulder Roast     $  6.00 lb

Smoked Breakfast Sausage     $  9.00 lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage     $  9.00 lb

Hot Italian Sausage / Sweet Italian     $  9.00 lb

Apple Maple Sausage     $  9.00 lb

Beer Cheddar Bratwurst     $  9.00 lb

Kielbasa     $  9.00 lb

Pork Cutlets     $14.00 lb 

Smoked Jowl Bacon     $12.00 lb 

Ham Steak     $  8.00 lb

Ham Hocks     $  6.00 lb

Whole Hams     $7.00 lb

Hot Dogs     $  9.00 lb

Whole Pig     $4.00 lb

Half Pig     $4.25 lb

Special Orders Available   Call For Pricing




Chicken Prices

All Natural


Whole Chickens    $4.40 lb

Bone in Breast      $4.40 lb

Drum Sticks         $4.00 lb

Leg Quarters        $4.00 lb

Wings                  $4.00 lb

Neck and Back      $2.00 lb

Chicken Livers       $6.00 lb 

Boneless Chicken   $5.00 lb


Turkey Prices

All Natural 

Must Be Pre Ordered By November 13 for Thanksgiving 

$4.50 lb  

About us ...Our farm was started with just one little pig and has grown to over 100 pigs and pigglets depending on the time of the year.  Our pigs are kept mostly outdoors to allow them to graze freely. We hope you enjoy our pork selection. We offer a full range of pork products to choose from. Simple bacon and sausages to entire pigs depending on your need for pork.  We are located in Glenwood, NJ.

Pochuck Valley Farms
962 route 517 corner of route 565
Glenwood N.J. 07418 

962 Route 517 (McAfee-Glenwood Road) Glenwood, NJ 07418


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